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Explore our comprehensive FAQ section to find answers to your questions about our services, safety measures, booking process, and more. Your journey to waterborne adventure begins with knowledge, and we're here to provide it.

When does my activity begin?

Your appointment time starts with the check-in process.  For a jet ski rental or tour, this will take 20-30 minutes depending on your party size and other customers. Plan to hit the water about 35-45 minutes after your reservation time.
Please be on time, Customers who show up 15 minutes or later after their appointment time, risk forfeiture or rescheduling of their activity.

Do you have a Drinking Policy?

You many not drink or be under the influence of any drugs prior to participating in any of our activities.  We follow NYS laws governing drinking and driving and use a breathalyzer to test your blood alcohol level.

Is ID Required?

Yes, you must present a valid government photo ID with your birth date for all of our activities.

What kind of Jet Skis are available?

Our fleet is made up brand new Yamaha VX & V1 Wave Runners

What are your hours of operation?

We are open daily from 11am to 7pm, weather permitting from Memorial Day to mid-September

What Activities do you offer?

We offer jet ski rentals and jet ski tours.

What are the requirements to rent a Jet Ski?

All persons wishing to operate a Jet Ski must be at least 18 years of age and will need to possess a valid Government PHOTO ID along with a valid credit card.

Do I need a special license or do I have to take a boater safety course prior to operating a Jet Ski?

NO, it is a requirement. Although we do encourage our customers to take a boater safety course so they can become more knowledgably of the rules of the water.

Where can I take a boater safety course?

Interested parties looking to take a boater safety course

Do I need a reservation for a Jet Ski?

Although walk-ins are permitted, we highly encourage making a reservation to ensure your Jet Ski is waiting for you when you arrive.

Are minors permitted to ride on the Jet Ski?

You must be 18 years or older to operate one of our jet skis. Those less than 18 years of age can ride on the jet ski as a passenger, as long as a parent or guardian is present and a parental consent form has been filled out.

What if I cannot swim?

US Coast Guard approved Personal Floatation Devices (PFD) are provided to all our customers and must be worn for the entire duration of your ride.  These PFD’s are designed for Jet Ski (PWC) activities and to keep your head up above the water.  You do not need to know how to swim and it is important to remain calm should you find yourself in the water.

What attire do I wear to ride a Jet Ski, Kayak, or Paddleboard?

Make your experience as comfortable as possible by wearing beach attire (something you would swim in). Don’t forget to bring your sunglasses, a towel, sun lotion and clothing to change into after the water activities.
For jet ski activities, we recommend wearing wet suit bottoms.

Is there a Security Deposit for a Jet Ski?

Each Jet Ski rental requires a $250 security deposit along with a $15 damage waiver fee, or a $500 security deposit without the damage waiver fee.  The security deposit can be held as a credit card authorization or in cash. The security deposit is returned upon safe and undamaged return of the Jet Ski.  Unused credit card authorizations are released at the end of each day, but the freeze of funds on your card may be held for 3-10 days depending on the issuing bank and the type of account you have.  We have no control or ability to speed up the release of an authorization.

Is damage protection available?

Yes, we offer an optional damage waiver for $15 that covers the costs of any damages beyond $3,000 to the PWC during your rental period.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

Our cancellation policy states that you can request a cancellation 72 hours in advance of your booking to receive a refund, or reschedule your activity without a rescheduling fee being applied. However in the event of severe weather and at our discretion your activity may be rescheduled or cancelled.
Customers who show up 15 minutes or more after their appointment time, risk forfeiture or rescheduling of their activity

How fast can I go?

You control your speed to a level you feel comfortable.  You must operate the Jet Ski in a safe and responsible manner. Variables that may affect your speed include wave action, currents and passenger weight.

Where can I store valuables we bring?

We provide complimentary lockers to store clothing, accessories and other valuables, but we do not provide locks. If you want to lock your items away please bring your own locks. We do not advise bringing valuables with you onto the jet ski.